Growing Into Your New Life

We’re living in a time of tremendous upheaval — a global pandemic, widespread economic distress, and urgent calls for social justice and structural changes.  With everything in flux these days and months, many of us are taking a good hard look at our lives.  From where I sit, aligning your life, work and relationships with […]

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a photo of a handprinted mandala with a butterfly in the center created by Justine Ickes copyright 2022

How to be merry all year long!

Did you know that “merry” comes from an Old German word for “slow” or “leisurely”?  I know! Not the vibe we typically associate with the end of the year, right? In the holiday hoopla, we forget all too easily that relaxing, reminiscing, savoring moments alone or with family and friends, and simply BEING are what give us energy.  Nature takes breaks and so can – and so should – we!  So, as this

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a quote by author Karen Blixen that says "We must leave out mark on life while we have it in our power."

What are you doing here?

What did you come here to do? In other words, what’s your life purpose?⁣⁣Not sure? ⁣⁣Here are some ways to find out:⁣⁣* Help other people. – Studies have shown that being of service can help you feel a sense of purpose. ⁣⁣* Seek feedback. – Ask people what they think of when you enter their

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large boulder painted with a bright yellow smiley face in the shape of the sun

Go Big or Go Home!

Ain’t that the truth? I love seeing people’s creative expressions on this Block Island landmark. The messages and images change on the daily, sometimes even hourly. I’ve spotted folks happily making their mark in broad daylight and by flashlight.⁣⁣The thing is you don’t need spray paint or a boulder to speak your mind.⁣⁣Every day you are making

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