Wherever you find yourself in your life’s journey, we can work together to focus on what’s most critical to you now. Check out these routes to the life you want.

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6-10 sessions

Are you seeking a deeper, expanded meaning about yourself and your life?

A soulful guided journey to release, recharge and recalibrate.

Step onto the Pilgrimage path if you are yearning to:
– Dig deep and explore uncharted facets of you
– Play with possibility
– Reboot to what’s important now
– Discover what’s next for you

Want to really “get away from it all”? How about a customized small group or private retreat hosted in Spain or Turkey, a location closer to you, or virtually from wherever you are? Send me an email and let’s talk. 


5 sessions 

Do you have a clear goal but are stymied about how to achieve it?

Blast through roadblocks and reach your goal at warp speed.

The Bushwhacker program will help you:
– Get over mental blocks
– Loosen creative stuck-ness
– Take strategic action
– Get it done!

For clients with a clear, time sensitive goal.

Need a break-through right now? Contact me to learn about The Super Moon, my intensive “one and done” session.



6 sessions

Does you sometimes feel lost in the weeds in your career or life?

X marks the spot with personal wayfinding.

Commit to the North Star journey and you will:
– Gain clarity about your core values
– Identify your life purpose
– Experience greater focus and fulfillment
– Find and embrace your super powers



4 sessions 

When you have a decision to make or a project to complete, do you end up “all over the map”?

Creative coaching, support and accountability to get you out of overwhelm and into action.

Join me at the Crossroads and get the help you need to:
– Make friends with “good enough”
– Establish empowering habits
– Leverage your super powers
– Take action!
Need a break-through right now? Contact me to learn about The Super Moon, my intensive “one and done” session.



one full day

Are you ready to step away from the computer and let the world speak to you?

Custom walkabouts to spark your creativity and imagination.

Lace up your “Wander and Wonder” shoes if you’re psyched about one full day of coaching + exploration to:
– Nourish your creativity 
– Tap into your intuition
– Explore your next big idea 
– Bring your vision into focus

I offer W&W Day Trips in Washington, DC, New York City, Madrid, and Istanbul. 

Not in any of those cities, but still want to do this? Let’s talk and see if we can make it happen in another location.


custom program for teams

Does your team or organization need to learn, strategize, or simply catch its breath and celebrate?

Tailored workshops and retreats to reinvigorate teams, ignite strategy planning, and celebrate success.

Choose the Road Trip when your team needs to:
– Rest and recharge from the daily grind 
– Reflect, reconnect and regroup
– Brainstorm new processes,  strategies, products and/or services
– Play and learn


6 sessions

hybrid coaching + consulting program

Are you ready to uplevel your expertise so you can serve a wider audience?

Strategic coaching, advice, support and accountability so you can build and launch your signature course.

Head to the Launch Pad if you are ready to:
– Polish and upcycle your content for greater impact
– Create your webinar, course or learning event with confidence and clarity
– Showcase your expertise in interactive, engaging, and creative learning experiences

For entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, and teams who want to tap into Justine’s expertise in instructional design and course development.


1 session

Need a breakthrough right now?

Jump in with this one-and-done inspiration session.