I really believe that the world will be better when we truly understand ourselves.

Notice I said “when”, not “if”.

Because, let’s face it – every life is full of “whens”. 
The seemingly insignificant, ho-hum moments. 
The times that make you go, “Whoa! What just happened?!” 
And all the myriad happenings in between.

And, yet, ultimately, the most fulfilled people – the ones who “get” life – know that it’s not about what, when, how or why stuff happens.

It’s the meaning you give to the experiences in your life that really matters. 

For some of us, the path to living our one true life – one that’s aligned with our authentic self – can be a bit meandering, shall we say. 

Some of us need to cover more ground to find our true north. In our relationships. In our careers. And at our core.

Trust me, I know. 

I understand this spirit of wandering and wondering.

That’s what drove me to move to Spain and stay for 8 years, teaching English and living la movida Madrileña (among other escapades).

It’s what took me to Africa, Asia, and the Americas, designing and leading training programs for Peace Corps volunteers, leaders, first responders, educators, teams and individuals at a host of government agencies, international NGOs, and corporations around the world. 

It’s how I ended up with a Masters in Anthropology, and a bi-cultural family. (It helps that my husband is Turkish ;-)) 

And, ultimately, it’s what underpins my work as an ICF-credentialed, professional coach.

The drive to help other people widen their worlds – through personal introspection AND global exploration – fuels everything I do. 

Including coaching people like you.

Because I know from my own experience that your best life is the one you create yourself.

Imagine committing to your own growth. To looking within. To stepping up to the edge, peering inside and acknowledging, “Yup. That’s me. I got some really cool stuff to work with in here!” 

Once you acknowledge, embrace, and unleash all of you, that’s when your path will start to become clear.

And with that clarity can come peace, joy and fulfillment.

So, yeah, what the world needs now, desperately, is mutual understanding and respect. 

We need to wake up and get clear on who we are at our core.

And that journey of discovery, awakening, and coming together starts with you.

You ready?