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In the Studio

Join me for one of my signature “retreats for the culturally-curious” online and in person and discover how creativity can help you widen your world.

Exploring creativity, making connections, and tapping into the wisdom of other cultures infuse everything I do.

As an artist, creative coach, and retreat leader, I love to combine contemplative practices and hands-on activities in my workshops and retreats – personal map-making + Japanese sashiko, embellishing your own ‘zine with Turkish ebru, or creating a mandala, for example – to help people discover, embrace, and celebrate their unique, authentic selves.

When I work with individuals and groups, we have fun using accessible art forms to help people connect with their intuition, puzzle through problems, and play with possibility.

The best part? Witnessing the delightful creations, insightful conversations, and unexpected transformations that are possible.

And that for me is where the joy lies: Wondrous beauty and profound growth awaits when you let your spirit guide you.

Ready to bring more creativity, curiosity and connection into your world? Reach out to me!


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