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What Is Taking Your Breath Away Today?

What Is Taking Your Breath Away Today?

What’s taking your breath away today?⁠

For me, it’s the ⁠quiet and steady fall of leaves as we transition more fully into a new season.

Some are already nestled on the forest floor. Others are only just now beginning to let go and drift to earth.⁠

What about you? Are you allowing yourself to move at your own pace and change in your own way?

Whatever you’re working toward, you will get there in your own sweet time.

Believe it.

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Who is your Mrs. Frizzle or Dumbledore?

Who is your Mrs. Frizzle or Dumbledore?

Why am I asking? Because it’s important to give props to the educators* and mentors in your life.

In my experience, the best gift you can give (and receive) is a thank you note (A+ if it’s handwritten).

Even better if you take the time to specifically acknowledge the person AND how they impacted your life.

Is there someone in your life you’d like to show appreciation to? Here are some fill-in-the-blanks to get you started:

Thank you. Because of you I’ve come to love…

You gave me the strength / skills / encouragement I needed to take the next steps toward my dream of…

You inspired me to…

I’ll always remember being in class and that one time we…

I’m grateful for knowing you because you taught me…

You made an impact on my life. What I learned from you is…

Research shows that consistently practicing gratitude has lasting positive effects on our mental health and our relationships.

Pro tip: Make it a habit to practice and express gratitude!

*Special shout-out to all my classroom teachers and also the folks who have taught me extracurricular “life lessons”. You know who you are! 🙂