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Let your dreams take flight!

Let your dreams take flight!

Do you ever get all pumped up about a new goal and then a week later your energy has fizzled? 

Me too.

And often it’s because we get in our own way.

How? Here’s a recent example: For the first time since I’ve been in business, I set an actual revenue goal for this year. Yes, with real actual numbers! LOL 

A couple days later I spotted this “Moneyfly Mandala” by artist Arthur Becker in a lobby in Boston. 

I was starting to get excited that this might be some sort of “message from the universe” about my financial goal.

And then my inner critic/doubter piped up, “Nah! Can’t you see this is just a tongue in cheek observation about money!?” Cue sinking feeling…

Then I noticed an installation called “Moneyflies” on the opposite wall of the lobby. Now I felt even more deflated. “Okay, so my conjecture was correct – this is about the fleeting nature of money”, I told myself.

Guess what?! 5 minutes after I took these photos, I got an inquiry about my coaching and 5 minutes after that, someone reached out to ask about my workshops

Who knows whether either will pan out?! What I do know is the stories that we tell ourselves really matter. A lot. They can clip our wings. Or they can lift us up and help our dreams take flight. 

What story are you telling yourself? I can help you flip that script and move toward you the life you want. Schedule a free consult with me here.